Besan ki Mirchi Recipe

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Besan ki Mirchi Recipe Ingredients

 250 gm green chillies
100 gm besan
salt to taste
2 gm red chilli powder
2.5 gm turmeric powder
pinch of amchoor powder
5 gm asafoetida
10 gm roasted cumin seeds

Besan ki Mirchi Recipe Procedure

  1.  Slit and deseed the green chillies.
  2. Take a little oil and add the asafoetida, besan and the rest of the masalas and cook on a very low flame, till it turns a golden brown in colour.
  3. Fill this besan mixture in the green chillies.
  4. Again take oil in a kadahi and add the asafoetida, put the stuffed green chillies and cook for a while till the chillies get a little soft.

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