Food Ingredients List Starting with letter Y

Here are the list of commonly used food ingredients for any kind of cooking recipes. Let us know what are the food ingredients list starting with letter Y.

We used to update the food ingredients list starting with letter Y on daily basis, so please revisit regularly for the updated food ingredients list starting with letter Y.

English Name: Meat stock
Hindi Name: Yakhni
Description: The strained liquid that you get after cooking meat, vegetables and other seasoning ingredients in water.

English Name: Yoghurt
Hindi Name: Dahi
Description: Yoghurt is a form of fermented milk, made with a starter and left to set. A well-known accompaniment with Indian meals, also used widely for marination of chicken and meat.

Yellow Chillies
English Name: Yellow Chillies
Hindi Name: Peeli Mirch
Description: Dried Yellow Peppers


Yellow Lentils
English Name: Yellow Lentils
Hindi Name: Arhar Daal
Description: A yellow lentil flat on one side, oblong in shape, used widely in Indian cooking

English Name: Yam
Hindi Name: Jimikand

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