Food Ingredients List Starting with letter W

Here are the list of commonly used food ingredients for any kind of cooking recipes. Let us know what are the food ingredients list starting with letter W.

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English Name:
Hindi Name: Wada
Description: Fried rounds of lentils which have been soaked and ground

Worcestershire sauce
English Name: Worcestershire sauce
Description: A condiment available bottled, used a lot in Western cooking

Wholemeal Flour
English Name: Wholemeal Flour
Hindi Name: Atta
Description: Most Indian breads are made with Atta or wholemeal flour

Whole Grain Mustard
English Name: Whole Grain Mustard
Description: Mustard seeds, which come in three varieties, large brown, tiny brown and yellow

Whole Bengal Gram
English Name: Whole Bengal Gram
Hindi Name: Kala Chana
Description: Very nutritous, used as a snack or in a gravy, also combined with wheat as a variation of flour for chapatis

Whipped Cream
English Name: Whipped Cream
Description: The fat in unhomogenized milk is called cream, and is whipped with sugar for various desserts

English Name: Wheat
Hindi Name: Gehun
Description: The best quality cereal for breads and flour

Water Chestnut
English Name: Water Chestnut
Hindi Name: Singhara
Description: Grows in water, it's used a lot in Chinese cooking; it can also be eaten as a fruit or dried and made into flour in India

Wanton Skins

English Name: Walnut
Hindi Name: Akhrot
Description: Hard-shelled dried fruits that are used in main dishes as well as desserts and salads

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