Food Ingredients List Starting with letter T

Here are the list of commonly used food ingredients for any kind of cooking recipes. Let us know what are the food ingredients list starting with letter T.

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English Name: Vegetable Oil
Hindi Name: Tel
Description: Cooking medium, like oil from peanut, sunflower, etc

English Name: Tomato
Hindi Name: Tamatar
Description: Tomato is a fruit vegetable that is red or green in color

Type of Mooli
English Name: Horseradish
Hindi Name: Type of Mooli
Description: A root with a pungent flavour that complements cold meats, and as a mooli it is eaten raw as a salad in India, besides being used in various dishes

English Name: Gherkins
Hindi Name: Tundli/Kundru
Description: Belongs to the cucumber family, you can call them miniature cucumbers

English Name: Partridge
Hindi Name: Teetar
Description: Smaller member of the fowl family, considered quite a delicacy

Til ka Tel
English Name: Sesame Oil
Hindi Name: Til ka Tel
Description: A rich golden brown oil made from sesame seeds.

English Name: Round Gourd
Hindi Name: Tinda

English Name: Ridge Gourd
Hindi Name: Torai

English Name:
Hindi Name: Tinda
Description: A round green vegetable of the squash family

English Name:
Hindi Name: Thandai
Description: A sweet drink made with poppy seeds and almonds, especially served during the festival of Holi in the Northern part of India

English Name: Bayleaf
Hindi Name: Tejpatta
Description: A leaf from the sweet bay or laurel tree, these are usually dried. Very common in Indian curries and rice dishes and in custards and stews in Western Cuisine.

English Name: Basil
Hindi Name: Tulsi
Description: A close substitute for Basil, Tulsi is a plant sacred to India, it is a sweet and pungent herb that is used fresh or dried. Basil is used a lot in Italian cooking

English Name: Turnip
Hindi Name: Shalgam
Description: A root vegetable, which is white and has long green leaves

English Name: Turmeric
Hindi Name: Haldi
Description: A bright orangey-yellow colored spice that's widely used in Indian curries

English Name: Turkey
Description: Traditionally, served at Christmas, Turkey is a domestic bird that is bred

English Name: Tortillas
Description: Flat bread made out of flour or cornmeal

Tomato puree
Tomato puree

English Name: Tomato
Hindi Name: Tamatar
Description: Tomato is a fruit vegetable that is red or green in color


English Name: Thyme
Hindi Name: Hasha
Description: A herb with a strong and sharp taste

English Name: Tea
Hindi Name: Chai
Description: Made from the leaves of the tea plant, tea is a very popular beverage around the world

Tartaric Powder
English Name: Tartaric Powder
Description: A souring chemical, used also to curdle milk for cottage cheese

English Name: Tamarind
Hindi Name: Imli
Description: An acid-like fruit from which the pulp is removed and dried. To make tamarind liquid, soak tamarind pulp in water

Tuna Fish
English Name: Tuna Fish
Description: A member of the Mackarel family, Tuna is largely found in tins. It's richly flavoured and high in fat

Turmeric Powder

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