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Here are the list of commonly used food ingredients for any kind of cooking recipes. Let us know what are the food ingredients list starting with letter S.

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Suar ka Gosht
English Name: Pork
Hindi Name: Suar ka Gosht
Description: The meat of a pig

Sabut Masoor
English Name: Egyptian lentils
Hindi Name: Sabut Masoor

English Name: Sago
Hindi Name: Sabudana
Description: Made from the tapioca root, is in the form of tiny white, round granules

Seekh Kebab
English Name:
Hindi Name: Seekh Kebab
Description: Skewered kababs made from spiced minced meat, and cooked in a tandoor

Sone ka Varq
English Name: Gold Leaves
Hindi Name: Sone ka Varq
Description: A thin leaf made by beaten gold, used to garnish many an Indian dish

English Name: Sweet Potato
Hindi Name: Shakarkandi
Description: Called so because they are sweet when boiled or roasted and eaten

English Name: Sorbet
Hindi Name: Sharbat
Description: French for "sharbat" - a frozen mixture of sweet juice and water

Sendha Namak
English Name: Rock Salt
Hindi Name: Sendha Namak
Description: Rock salt can be white or pink. The white one, can be bought either whole or powdered. It has no distinctive flavour, so one really does not miss the ordinary salt. Can be used in the same quantities as ordinary salt.

Singhare ka Aata
English Name:
Hindi Name: Singhare ka Aata
Description: Used as a staple item during fasts, this is used not only for chappatis and paranthas, but for sweets and vadaas etc. too. In most of the recipes, you need to combine this with boiled potatoes or colacasia, for binding.

Sukha Dhaniya
English Name: Coriander Seeds
Hindi Name: Sukha Dhaniya
Description: A spice that is used commonly in Indian curry dishes

Sabut Masoor Daal
English Name: Egyptian Lentil
Hindi Name: Sabut Masoor Daal
Description: Round flat lentils, dark brown in color

English Name: Apple
Hindi Name: Seb
Description: A fruit

Salad Patta
English Name: Lettuce
Hindi Name: Salad Patta
Description: A leaf vegetable that has big leaves, usually used raw in salads

English Name: Honey
Hindi Name: Shahad
Description: Very sweet tasting, honey is produced by bees taking nectar from flowers

English Name: Dry Ginger
Hindi Name: Sonth
Description: Dried roots of ginger, powdered and used for seasoning

English Name: Dill
Hindi Name: Soya
Description: A herb from a fennel like plant, with thin capillary like green leaves in bunches, used for its aromatic qualities

Sookha Nariyal
English Name: Dessicated Coconut
Hindi Name: Sookha Nariyal
Description: Flaked and dried coconut

English Name: Custard Apple
Hindi Name: Sharifa/Sitaphall
Description: A type of tropical fruit, that is sweet and custard-like in texture

English Name: Vermicilli
Hindi Name: Sevian
Description: Fine noodles made from refined flour

English Name: Broad beans
Hindi Name: Sem

English Name: Broad beans
Hindi Name: Sem

English Name: Turnip
Hindi Name: Shalgam
Description: A root vegetable, which is white and has long green leaves

English Name:
Hindi Name: Sandesh
Description: Cottage Cheese and sugar preparation-- a Bengali speciality

English Name: Fennel
Hindi Name: Saunf
Description: Sweet to taste, fennel seeds have a liquorice flavour. Also used as a mouth freshner after an Indian meal.

Samwat ke Chaawal
English Name:
Hindi Name: Samwat ke Chaawal
Description: These are tiny, white, round grains almost like a mini form of Saboodana. Does not cook into separate grains like long grained rice, but stays a bit soggy.

Sarsong ka Saag
English Name: Mustard Leaves
Hindi Name: Sarsong ka Saag
Description: A distinctive flavour, mustard greens are a popular Punjabi dish in the winter months

English Name: Mulberry
Hindi Name: Shahtut
Description: A fruit belonging to the berry family

English Name: Water Chestnut
Hindi Name: Singhara
Description: Grows in water, it's used a lot in Chinese cooking; it can also be eaten as a fruit or dried and made into flour in India

English Name: Vinegar
Hindi Name: Sirka
Description: A condiment that is largely made up of acetic acid

English Name: Mustard Seeds
Hindi Name: Sarson
Description: Black mustard seeds are hotter than the white, used widely in South Indian cuisine

English Name:
Hindi Name: Samosa
Description: Deep fired pastry cone filled with potatoes, vegetables or minced meat or chicken.

English Name: Orange
Hindi Name: Santara
Description: A citrus fruit that can be sweet or bitter; its juice is an excellent source of vitamin C

English Name:
Hindi Name: Sambhar
Description: Lentil with vegetables - a South Indian speciality.

Shahi Jeera
English Name: Black Cumin
Hindi Name: Shahi Jeera
Description: Smaller and thinner version of Cumin, which is much darker and has a stronger flavor. Used a lot in exotic Indian cooking

English Name: Shad
Description: Hilsa, Bhing, Palped

English Name: Saffron
Hindi Name: Kesar
Description: A unique flavoured spice, made from the dried stamens of the crocus flower; it can be found in threads or ground, and adds color and flavour to food

English Name: Sabayon
Description: A custard like dessert made by dessert made by whisking together egg yolks, wine and sugar.

Sweet Relish
English Name: Sweet Relish
Description: Mostly gherkins, pickled in a sweet and sour vinegar and brine mixture, used for salads and sandwiches

Sunflower Seeds
English Name: Sunflower Seeds
Hindi Name: Chironji
Description: Seeds of the Sunflower, which are light brown rounds, very light, nutty in flavor

English Name: Sultana
Hindi Name: Munnaka
Description: The dried fruit of the white Sultana grape

Sugar Candy
English Name: Sugar Candy
Hindi Name: Mishri
Description: Solidified cane sugar

English Name: Strawberry
Description: A type of berry that is eaten fresh and used in desserts, pies and puddings

Star Anise
English Name: Star Anise
Hindi Name: Chakriphool
Description: Star shaped seed that has an aroma similar to that of fennel, used in Oriental cooking

Spring Onion
English Name: Spring Onion
Hindi Name: Hara Pyaz
Description: Also known as scallions in America, it is a type of root vegetable

Soya Sauce
English Name: Soya Sauce
Description: A dark, salty sauce made by fermenting boiled soybeans and roasted wheat or barley; it's widely used in Asian cooking

English Name: Sorbet
Hindi Name: Sharbat
Description: French for "sharbat" - a frozen mixture of sweet juice and water

Skinned Chicken
English Name: Skinned Chicken
Description: Chicken with skin removed

English Name: Shellfish
Description: A generic term for all aquatic animals that have a shell, which includes Crustaceans and Mollusks

English Name: Shellfish
Description: A generic term for all aquatic animals that have a shell,

English Name: Sardines
Description: An oily seawater fish that's sold fresh or canned

English Name: Salt
Hindi Name: Namak
Description: Unrefined sodium chloride, is an essential ingredient in most main dishes

English Name: Sugar
Hindi Name: Chini
Description: White sugar is highly refined cane or beet sugar, usually used as a sweetener in beverages and desserts

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