Food Ingredients List Starting with letter R

Here are the list of commonly used food ingredients for any kind of cooking recipes. Let us know what are the food ingredients list starting with letter R.

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English Name:
Hindi Name: Rasgullas
Description: Cottage Cheese balls in a thin sugar syrup - an Indian dessert

English Name:
Hindi Name: Raita
Description: Yoghurt mixed with vegetables

English Name: Kidney Beans
Hindi Name: Rajmah
Description: Reddish-brown shiny beans, made as a curry in India, used in Mexican and other international cuisine

English Name: Semolina
Hindi Name: Rava
Description: Also called cream of wheat, made from wheat, ground to a sandy texture

Rogan Josh
English Name:
Hindi Name: Rogan Josh
Description: Mutton curry - a Kashmiri speciality.

English Name: Cape Gooseberry
Hindi Name: Rasbari
Description: Round berries, orangey yellow, covered with a brownish 'paper' like covering

Rose Water
English Name: Rose Water
Hindi Name: Gulab Jal
Description: Rose scented liquid used for flavouring.

Rock Salt
English Name: Rock Salt
Hindi Name: Kala Namak
Description: Pinkish colored rock salt, which becomes almost black when it comes in contact with moisture

Rice (pressed)
English Name: Rice (pressed)
Hindi Name: Chidwa
Description: Very popular to make snack items, mostly of the savory kind

English Name: Rice
Hindi Name: Chawal
Description: A cereal that is staple food in many countries; 3 varieties- long, short and medium-grain rice

Red Chillies
English Name: Red Chillies
Hindi Name: Lal Mirch
Description: Dried Red pepper used whole or powdered

English Name: Radish
Hindi Name: Mooli
Description: A white coloured root vegetable that is mainly used in salads, close to Horseradish

Round Gourd
English Name: Round Gourd
Hindi Name: Tinda

Ridge Gourd
English Name: Ridge Gourd
Hindi Name: Torai

Rock Salt
English Name: Rock Salt
Hindi Name: Sendha Namak
Description: Rock salt can be white or pink. The white one, can be bought either whole or powdered. It has no distinctive flavour, so one really does not miss the ordinary salt. Can be used in the same quantities as ordinary salt.

Red Pepper
English Name: Red Pepper
Description: A member of the capsicum family, they are also called sweet peppers, and are available in red, green, yellow, orange and black colors

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