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Here are the list of commonly used food ingredients for any kind of cooking recipes. Let us know what are the food ingredients list starting with letter N.

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English Name:
Hindi Name: Nan
Description: Indian bread made with flour, baked in a mud oven

Nariyal Pani
English Name: Coconut Water
Hindi Name: Nariyal Pani
Description: Water found inside the coconut shell, which is light and clear, a very healthy drink.

Nimbu Ka chilka
English Name: Lemon Rind
Hindi Name: Nimbu Ka chilka
Description: The outer yellow part of the rind, used a lot for flavouring

English Name: Coconut
Hindi Name: Nariyal
Description: Fruit of the coconut palm, eaten by itself or used in preparation of sweet and savoury dishes.

English Name: Lemon
Hindi Name: Nimbu
Description: A citrus fruit with an acid taste, is used for baking, preparing lime juice and for flavouring fish and poultry dishes

English Name: Pear
Hindi Name: Nashpati
Description: A fruit that is juicy, and can have a mildly acidic, yet sweet taste

English Name: Salt
Hindi Name: Namak
Description: Unrefined sodium chloride, is an essential ingredient in most main dishes

Nimbu Ka Ras
English Name: Lime Juice
Hindi Name: Nimbu Ka Ras
Description: The juice from lime - a small, lemon-shaped citrus fruit with green skin, very rich in Vitamin C

English Name: Nuts
Description: A seed or fruit with a hard shell - eg, walnuts, peanut, cashew nut

English Name: Nutmeg
Hindi Name: Jaiphal
Description: A spice with a sweet and aromatic flavour

English Name: Nigella
Hindi Name: Kalonji
Description: Tiny black coloured onion seeds that are used widely in pickles and Bengali cooking

English Name: Nasturtium
Description: Fresh Nasturtium leaves and flowers have a pepper-like flavour, and are nice to use in salads. The buds can be pickled to substitute for capers

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