Food Ingredients List Starting with letter L

Here are the list of commonly used food ingredients for any kind of cooking recipes. Let us know what are the food ingredients list starting with letter L.

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English Name: Leek
Hindi Name: Leek
Description: A bulb vegetable, like a thick spring onion,used in sauces, stews or soups

English Name: Bottle Gourd
Hindi Name: Lauki
Description: Also called White Gourd or Marrow. Long and narrow, light green on the outside and white inside. Used a lot in Indian preparations

English Name: Liver
Hindi Name: Kaleji
Description: A very popular meat that's rich in iron

Lemon Grass
English Name: Lemon Grass
Description: A type of grass that has a lemony flavour; fresh lemon grass is widely used in Thai food curries

English Name: Lamb
Hindi Name: Bhed ka Gosht
Description: Lamb is meat from a sheep under one year old

English Name: Garlic
Hindi Name: Lassan
Description: A bulb vegetable, with a very strong and pungent taste. Said to have high medicinal value

English Name: Black-eyed Beans
Hindi Name: Lobhia
Description: Originally Chinese, these beans are also known as cowpeas

English Name: Lettuce
Hindi Name: Salad Patta
Description: A leaf vegetable that has big leaves, usually used raw in salads

English Name: Lemon
Hindi Name: Nimbu
Description: A citrus fruit with an acid taste, is used for baking, preparing lime juice and for flavouring fish and poultry dishes

Lady's Finger
English Name: Lady's Finger
Hindi Name: Bhindi
Description: A green coloured oblong shaped vegetable, tapering at the end with tiny seeds inside

English Name:
Hindi Name: Laddoo
Description: An Indian dessert - a sweet ball made of gram or lentil, or rice or semolina.

Lal Mirch
English Name: Red Chillies
Hindi Name: Lal Mirch
Description: Dried Red pepper used whole or powdered

Lotus Seeds
English Name: Lotus Seeds
Hindi Name: Makhana
Description: Seeds of the Lotus, roasted before use

English Name: Lentil
Hindi Name: Daal
Description: Lentils are usually round in shape and vary in colour; widely used in Indian food

English Name: Leek
Hindi Name: Leek
Description: A bulb vegetable, like a thick spring onion,used in sauces, stews or soups

Lotus stems
English Name: Lotus stems
Hindi Name: Kamal Kakri

English Name: Cloves
Hindi Name: Laung
Description: Dried flowerbuds that have an aromatic flavour, one of the ingredients in Garam Masala, a popular masala for Indian food. The oil has a medicinal value for things like tooth-aches

English Name: Buttermilk
Hindi Name: Lassi
Description: A drink made with yoghurt; it can be sweet or salty and is a very refreshing drink in summer

Lotus Root
English Name: Lotus Root
Hindi Name: Bhen or Kamal Kakri
Description: A root vegetable from India and China, used widely in Indian, Chinese and Japanese food

Lemon Rind
English Name: Lemon Rind
Hindi Name: Nimbu Ka chilka
Description: The outer yellow part of the rind, used a lot for flavouring

Lamb Pasanda
English Name: Lamb Pasanda
Description: Boneless pieces of lamb, beaten flat and thin

Lime Juice
English Name: Lime Juice
Hindi Name: Nimbu Ka Ras
Description: The juice from lime - a small, lemon-shaped citrus fruit with green skin, very rich in Vitamin C

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