Food Ingredients List Starting with letter H

Here are the list of commonly used food ingredients for any kind of cooking recipes. Let us know what are the food ingredients list starting with letter H.

We used to update the food ingredients list starting with letter H on daily basis, so please revisit regularly for the updated food ingredients list starting with letter H.

Hara Dhaniya
English Name: Coriander
Hindi Name: Hara Dhaniya
Description: Aromatic green leaves that are used largely for flavouring and garnishing Indian food, for which Cilantro can be substituted

Hari Mirch
English Name: Green Chillies
Hindi Name: Hari Mirch
Description: Fresh green pepper of the thinner and 'hot' variety

Haldi Powder
English Name: Turmeric Powder
Hindi Name: Haldi Powder
Description: A bright orangey-yellow colored spice that's widely used in Indian curries

English Name: Asafoetida
Hindi Name: Heeng
Description: A resin with a very strong flavour used in Indian cooking, especially in Uttar Pradesh

Hung Curd
English Name: Hung Curd
Description: Curd/Yogurt, the water of which has been drained out

English Name: Honey
Hindi Name: Shahad
Description: Very sweet tasting, honey is produced by bees taking nectar from flowers

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