Food Ingredients List Starting with letter G

Here are the list of commonly used food ingredients for any kind of cooking recipes. Let us know what are the food ingredients list starting with letter G.

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English Name:
Hindi Name: Gustaba
Description: Meat balls in a curd gravy - a Kashimiri speciality

English Name: Wheat
Hindi Name: Gehun
Description: The best quality cereal for breads and flour

English Name: Kidney
Hindi Name: Gurda
Description: Kidneys of goat, beef, etc. prepared as a delicacy

English Name: Jaggery
Hindi Name: Gur
Description: Unrefined sugar, found in solid or powdered form, used in desserts as a substitute for sugar

Guar ki Phali
English Name: Green Beans
Hindi Name: Guar ki Phali

English Name: Groundnuts
Hindi Name: Moongphali
Description: A nutrituous nut that is commonly found all over the world. Used for deriving oil, eating by itself or in food preparations

Green Peas
English Name: Green Peas
Hindi Name: Matar
Description: Vegetables or legumes that consists of a green pod with several rounds in it in a row

Green Gram
English Name: Green Gram
Hindi Name: Moong Daal
Description: A round green lentil, used very often in the sprouted form too

    English Name: Grapefruit
Hindi Name: Grapefruit
Description: A bitter-sweet citrus fruit, green outside and lemony colored inside

English Name: Gramflour
Hindi Name: Besan
Description: Also known as gram flour, which is used in gravies, batters, etc

English Name: Gooseberry Description: A type of summer fruit, that can be sweet or sweet and sour

Gold Leaves
English Name: Gold Leaves
Hindi Name: Sone ka Varq
Description: A thin leaf made by beaten gold, used to garnish many an Indian dish

English Name: Ginger
Hindi Name: Adrak
Description: The root of a South east-Asian plant, pungent in flavour; very common ingredient in Indian food

English Name: Gherkins
Hindi Name: Tundli/Kundru
Description: Belongs to the cucumber family, you can call them miniature cucumbers

English Name: Gelatine
Description: A setting agent, often used in desserts

English Name: Garlic
Hindi Name: Lassan
Description: A bulb vegetable, with a very strong and pungent taste. Said to have high medicinal value

Green Beans
English Name: Green Beans
Hindi Name: Guar ki Phali

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