Food Ingredients List Starting with letter A

Here are the list of commonly used food ingredients for any kind of cooking recipes. Let us know what are the food ingredients list starting with letter A.

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English Name: Wholemeal Flour
Hindi Name: Atta
Description: Most Indian breads are made with Atta or wholemeal flour

English Name: Egg
Hindi Name: Anda
Description: Very high in nutrition, egg is made up of an outer shell, egg white and yolk.

English Name: Mango Powder
Hindi Name: Amchur
Description: A tangy powder that adds sourness to dishes, very popular in chaat

English Name: Ginger
Hindi Name: Adrak
Description: The root of a South east-Asian plant, pungent in flavour; very common ingredient in Indian food

Alu Bukhara
English Name: Plum
Hindi Name: Alu Bukhara
Description: Red or dark red round fruit with a stone, which is sweet but the skin and around the stone is very sour

English Name: Colacasia
Hindi Name: Arbi

English Name: Avocado
Description: An expensive nutritious fruit, that is used in salads, sauces, dips and is the main ingredient in the Mexican dish - Guacamole

English Name: Asafoetida
Hindi Name: Heeng
Description: A resin with a very strong flavour used in Indian cooking, especially in Uttar Pradesh

English Name: Anchovies
Description: A tiny fish, that has a very strong flavour. It is usually filleted, brined and preserved in oil

English Name: Walnut
Hindi Name: Akhrot
Description: Hard-shelled dried fruits that are used in main dishes as well as desserts and salads

Amchoor powder
English Name: Dry Mango Powder
Hindi Name: Amchoor powder
Description: Adds sourness to dishes

English Name: Mango
Hindi Name: Aam
Description: A tropical fruit originally from India, have sweet-tasting pulp that surrounds a stone

Arhar Daal
English Name: Yellow Lentils
Hindi Name: Arhar Daal
Description: A yellow lentil flat on one side, oblong in shape, used widely in Indian cooking

English Name: Pineapple
Hindi Name: Ananas
Description: A sweet juicy fruit which has a rough exterior and yellow inside

Ankurwali Daal

English Name: Bean Sprouts
Hindi Name: Ankurwali Daal
Description: Mung beans which have just sprouted, used raw in salads and sandwiches or cooked for oriental stir-fries, these are very nutritious


English Name: Aubergine
Hindi Name: Baingan
Description: Also known as eggplants. A purple vegetable, available in various sizes and shapes that is eaten cooked.


English Name: Arrowroot
Hindi Name: Arraroot
Description: A plant based starch that is usually used as a thickening agent


English Name: Almonds
Hindi Name: Badaam
Description: A seed from a tree that belongs to the peach family. It's a dried fruit that's very nutritious. It's used in baking as well as adding a rich flavour to Indian food

English Name: Carom Seeds
Hindi Name: Ajwain

English Name: Colocasia
Hindi Name: Arvi
Description: A root vegetable, very popular in India


English Name: Grapes
Hindi Name: Angoor
Description: A sweet fruit that grows in clusters; they can be used in desserts, for making wine and eaten raw


English Name: Potato
Hindi Name: Aloo
Description: A large variety of potatoes are now available; it's quite a versatile vegetable all over the world


English Name: Peach
Hindi Name: Arhu
Description: A stoned fruit that has a juicy pulp around a large stone


English Name: Arrowroot
Hindi Name: Arraroot
Description: A plant based starch that is usually used as a thickening agent


English Name: Asparagus
Description: A young shoot of a plant, that is green and white in color, commonly used in European cooking


English Name: Apricots
Hindi Name: Khurmani
Description: A type of dried fruit with a stone, belonging to the peach family. Good for desserts and is added to some meat dishes.


English Name: Allspice
Hindi Name: Kabab Chini
Description: A small berry that tastes like a combination of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg


English Name: Fig
Hindi Name: Anjeer
Description: A fruit that is used fresh or canned or dried, used often in desserts and baked foods

Almond Paste

English Name: Marzipan
Hindi Name: Almond Paste
Description: A combination of ground almonds, sugar and a little egg, made into a dough like consistency for confectionery


English Name: Guava
Hindi Name: Amrood/Peru
Description: A tropical fruit that is pulpy, with tiny seeds and high in vitamin C


English Name: Pomegranate
Hindi Name: Anardana
Description: An ancient fruit that is normally eaten raw or squeezed into a juice. In India it is also dried and used as a souring agent in curries


English Name: Parsley
Hindi Name: Ajmood
Description: A herb that is commonly used for garnishing; is available both fresh and dried

English Name: Apple
Hindi Name: Seb
Description: A fruit

Ash Gourd

English Name: Ash Gourd
Hindi Name: Safed Petha
Description: Also called White Pumpkin or Winter Melon. Hard green cover with white pulpy fruit inside. In India used mostly for sweet preparations.


English Name: Aniseed
Hindi Name: Hari Saunf
Description: A thinner and greeener version of Fennel Seeds. Used to add flavour and color to confectionery, cordials and liquers. It's a good aid to digestion and is often served in India after a meal


English Name: Ajinomoto
Description: Also known as Monosodium Glutamate, used widely in Chinese cooking to enhance flavors.

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