How to Cook Rice Recipes

How to Cook

Looking on how to make rice recipes ? look no further! Lets learn how to make quick and easy simple rice recipes at home.

Lets discover the cooking secrets on how to cook rice recipes of different varieties, which includes simple fried rice, tomato rice, lemon rice, jeera rice, vegetable fried rice, leftover rice, coconut rice, curd rice etc.

What food ingredients are needed for preparing any type of rice recipes are given to make quick and easy rice recipes.

1. First wash the rice cleanly and cook it.
2. Later take the cooked rice to separate plate and let it dry.
3. After drying mix salt as per taste and put it aside.

Simple Fried Rice

Heat some oil, add some ingredients and heat till it turns to red color. Now add the rice and wait till get gets heated. Add salt and red chilli powder to taste. Simple fried rice is ready to serve.

Tomato Rice

Make a slices of tomatoes, onions and green chillies. Fry all these by adding oil to it. After few minutes add the rice and wait till it gets heated. After rice becomes heated add salt to taste. Quick and easy tomato rice recipe is ready. You can eat it alone because it tastes delicious.

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