Gobi Manchuria Recipe

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Gobi Manchuria Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

2 cups besan
1-cup corn flour
Salt to taste
Red chilly powder as required
Chopped garlic and ginger- 1tbsp
Tomato sauce- 3 tbsp

Recipe Procedure

  1. First make the cauliflower into pieces i.e they should be as flowers and boil them in the water.
  2. Now take the besan and corn flour pour some water and make it as a dough.
  3. In this dough add some red chilly powder and salt.
  4. Now take the boiled cauliflower pieces dip into the dough and deep fry in the oil (like pakodi).
  5. Now take 1 spoon oil in a pan add the chopped garlic and ginger after the oil is heated.
  6. After that add the fried cauliflower and let it be heated for 2 min.
  7. Now add the tomato sauce and stir it finely and take it from the stove.
  8. Your gobi Manchuria is Ready to eat.

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