When do we need proteins to our body


In some situations, we are in need of high protein foods to our body, if we could know when do we need proteins to our body can helps to keep our body in healthy condition.

One gram of protein will give four calories of energy. After 20 years of age, every one should take 1 gram of protein for two kgs of their weight (example: 50 kgs = 25 grams of protein). For growing kids should take 2 3 grams of protein for their one kg weight (example: 10 years of kid must take about 20 30 grams of proteins per day).

When Proteins are needed

  • Digestive related diseases (example: vomiting, loose motion, typhoid, intestine related tuberculosis [TB], intestine wounds etc.) effected people should take rich protein foods like animal meat, egg, milk, bean, groundnut etc.
  • When you met with fire accidents and have faced buring of body muscles very sevearly, then these people need high protein foods.
  • When you get it done small or large operations, then you must consume rich protein food items only for some time.
  • Proteins are helps in healing of wounds on our body due to some accidents. So whoever met with accidents or burns, these people must take high protein foods.
  • Pregnant women, feeding mothers, growing kids, irrespective of gender who used to work hard with their body and others should take rich vitamin food with other food items.

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