Generally in human body formation of muscles and growth of bone happens in women till 18 years of age and 20 years age for men.

Proteins play major role in the growth of human body. As proteins are not needed for human body after the 18 - 20 years of age in people.

Lets learn the complete information on high protein foods, function of proteins in our body, how much protein do we need in a day, what diseases are caused by proteins, in which situations we should not take protein foods etc here.

Proteins in Foods

  1. High Proteins Foods
  2. Low Proteins Foods

High Protein Foods

Milk, egg, meat, fish and other animals, bean, groundnut, drumstick leaves and other vegetarian foods will have high proteins.

How much protein should i take daily ?

After the crossing the 18 - 20 years of age, daily we need only 100 - 200 grams of proteins. As people who do hard work with their body, growing kids, pregnant women must take high proteins.

Function of Proteins

  1. Proteins are mainly digested in stomach only. Proteins will become a psycotons after mixed with Hcl and pepsin.
  2. Peptons will influence on Psycotons and creates Proteose.
  3. Proteose will tend to some chemical reactions in Duodenum and in small intestine, will become a Amino Acids.
  4. These amino acids are first mixed in the blood of first portion of small intestine. This is what our elders are says that the eating of food is digested. Also called it in another words as food absorbed.
  5. These amino acids will enter into lever with carbohydrates. Here amino acids will tend to some reactions in lever and formed as Creatine and Purine Bodies.
  6. As these Creatine are helped to enlarge muscles and finally goes off through urine.
  7. As Purine Bodies become an uric acid after some chemical reactions. This uric acid will give strength to muscles and finally exited through urine.

Diseases caused by Proteins

Un digested proteins will store in large intestine, later decomposed with the bacteria in this area and mixed in the blood will do harm to our body. This mainly effected on brain and some times we may go in coma also.

Mainly in Gout disease effected people should not take proteins, as this ailment effected people will have a problem in digestion system and in urination. So to avoid this kind of causes, we should not take more proteins.

When do we not take Protein Foods

When you have some diseases related to kidney or liver. These people should stop completely taking of protien foods. As their digestion system not work properly, even if they try to consume protiens, then they will do not digest and above they harm to our body.

You must also know when do we need proteins to our body.

In Proteins - Purine rich foods

buffelo meat, pig meat, sheep meat, chichen, tea, coffee, chocolate simillar kind of foods also contain rich purine in proteins.

In Proteins - Low Purine foods

Cheese, fruits, honey and other protein food items will have low purine. Generally most of the human beings will get enough proteins from the source of these foods. Which are enough for our body, so no need to take extra purine foods.

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