Fats also like carbohydrates, which will give energy to our body. For one gram of fat will gives us nine calories of energy to our body. Fats also helps in the absorption of vitamin A, D, E.

Fat will not store in slim people and who work hard, as the fat will burn and gives energy to these people.

Usually fat contained food items are having good taste, so people used to eat more fat contained food. When people not in a reach of food or during fasting, fat in their body will burned and gives energy to them.

More fat contained people are usually have a good resistance power for winter air problems. Also infants will have stored fat in their chest, which will helps to resist from winter air problems.

Fats contained Food items

In general fats are available in two different forms.

  1. Animal Related Fats
  2. Plant Related Fats

Plat Related Fats

Groundnut oil, coconut oil, ginger oil, sunflower oil, castor oil etc are gives us fat.

Animal Related Fats

Cheese, ghee, milk, fat contained meat, fish oil, egg etc are have enough fat in it.

Some fat items are in the form of hard in nature, they will come in liquid form once heated.

Fats Digestion Process

Generally fats will not dissolve in water, simultaneously fats will not digest like other food items digested in stomach. Even after digestion of other food items, fats remains stay for some time they went to small intestine. Here fats will get water dissolve nature due to some chemical reactions in small intestine. Likely fats finally dissolved in small intestine.

When the fats are dissolved as above said and mixed with blood are called as blood lipids.

Good and Bad about Fats

Some times more lipids will be formed in blood. Say example: Diabetes diseased people, pregnant women, liver problem effected people etc.Cholesterol in blood will be increased due to overeating of meat, cheese, egg and others. This is what called in history of medical sciences as Hypercholesterolemia.

Some times required cholesterol in the blood will be in less quantity. Say example: Anemia, wounds, not hungry and others. This is known as Hypocholesterolemia.

Usually excess fat in our body will be stored in the areas of muscles, under the skin of stomach, above kidneys and other places. We usually having a fat content in our body is about 15 - 18% of total weight of the body.

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