When we eat some food items, we used to get some energy from those food are measured in calories by our scientists.

Example: length we measured in centimeters, time calculated in seconds, weight measured in grams, like whenver we eat some food, we get energy is measured in calories.

To heat 450 grams of water at 1 degree we need one calorie of energy. Where as calories of energy will be getting in various forms from carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

How many calories do we need per day ?

Usually every human being needed calories of energy depends on their daily mode of job, age factor, male or female and the living conditions.

how many calories do i need per day

For Children
110 to 120 calories

12 - 15 years of males
3100 to 3200 calories

12 - 15 years of females
2500 to 2600 calories

Labours, pregnant women
3000 to 3100 calories

Over weight & no work people
2000 to 2500 calories

Living in heat condition
10% less calories as above said

Living in cold condition
3% less calories needed

How many Calories in Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables

Lets discover how many calories in fruits, nuts & vegetables, which helps in maintaining your diet. Lack of knowledge on calories in foods may leads to over weight or some other health related problems in future.

  1. How many Calories in Fruits
  2. How many Calories in Nuts
  3. How many Calories in Vegetables

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